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Montecristo Edmundo is one of the most significant and consolidated galleys within the entire range offered by Habanos Montecristo.

After several years without the renowned Cuban brand Montecristo to bring out a new vitola, in may 2004 we were surprised with a cigar that over the years, has managed to sneak into many of the humidors of the fans.

Box 25 Edmundo

Pure with easy smoking and dense smoke, it has a medium strength pulling hard in the second third. Ideal to accompany with a good coffee on a sunny afternoon. We will enjoy about an hour of quiet and relaxed smoking.

Its format with a 135 mm (5 3/8 ) and Cepo 52 (20.64 mm ) makes this cigar a mixture of soft and sweet flavors with hints of aromas of cedar and wild flowers. Marked chocolate flavor, the first third of this cigar is sweet by pulling spicy as we consume this great cigar.

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